Implement energy-efficient solutions, homeowners told

Implement energy-efficient solutions, homeowners told
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 (Bernama) — Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, hopes that homeowners will look beyond purchasing a ‘green’ home, and implement energy-efficient solutions within the house.
In a statement today, its Malaysian country president, Peter Cave, said while a home or apartment complex may have been built sustainably which could help limit carbon emissions, it may not help lower energy output.
“Many do not realise that our energy bill is heavily subsidised by the government. Demand for energy will double by 2050 and this will increase its consumption costs.
“We will also need to halve our carbon dioxide emissions at the same time if we want to avoid serious global warming effects,” he said.
At Schneider Electric, Cave said, the main aim was to provide homeowners with the ability to be energy-efficient, lower their energy costs and carbon emissions without compromising the aesthetics and style of the home.
“With home automation, key elements such as lighting, security, home appliances, computers, and climate control come together in harmony,” Cave said.
Implementing energy efficiency around and within the home was essential to lower energy bills and conserve the environment, he said.
“Many people mistake passive energy as a proactive step to conserve energy when in reality, it isn’t. Active energy efficiency is turning off the light or installing an automatic sensor that does it for you when you leave the room.
“Both active and passive energy-efficiency is incredibly important when you’re trying to lower your energy consumption,” Cave said.

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