SEDA Malaysia announces proposed Quota and FiT Rates for 2016

SEDA Malaysia announces proposed Quota and FiT Rates for 2016

Thursday, 15 October 2015:
Since the Quota, Respective Mechanisms, Dates & FiT Rates for Renewable Energy (RE) will be revised and proposed simultaneously by SEDA Malaysia, this post will serve as an avenue for the first-hand release of these updates to ensure that you will always get the latest development in the RE department.

Do take note that the information presented is first and foremost proposals for the quota & FiT rates and since nothing is set in stone yet, do take the following information with a pinch of salt. However, once we receive word that the proposals are confirmed, we’ll make the necessary updates to this post – if there are any.

Thin Film Solar Panels

SEDA Malaysia sets a quota on the amount of solar PV systems that can be installed annually and has recently proposed a quota for years 2016 on 12 September 2015.

The proposed quota for all categories, namely, Individual, Community and Non-Individuals along with their respective mechanisms and dates are as follows:

Individual 15 Electronic balloting •   End Oct 2015 – Profile creation & submission of application up to 8th Jan 2016 (Fri)
•   19 Jan 2016 – Computerized Balloting Day
Community 5   •   Mid Jan 2016 – Profile and application creation
Non-individual (< 425 kW) 20 Balloting •    End Oct 2015 – Flush old draft applications
•    19 Feb 2016 – Deadline for preparation of application (100% COMPLETED)
•    1 Mar 2016 – Balloting day
•    2 Mar 2016 – Submission of application in SEDA
Non-individual (> 425 kW) 30 Manual submission •    End Oct 2015 – Flush old draft applications
•    23 – 26 Nov 2015 – Submission of applications
•    30 Nov – 4 Dec 2015 – Profile Evaluation
•    7 – 10 Dec 2015 – Technical Evaluation by SEDA
•    Jan 2016 – Final Evaluation by KeTTHA


Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Rates

TNB will pay for the solar energy generated based on the FiT rates that will prevail for a period of 21 years from the FiT Commencement Date – once the contract is signed.

Below are the following proposed FiT rates.

Description of Qualifying Solar Systems Installation FiT Rates (RM per kWh)
(a) Basic FiT rates having installed capacity of:  
(i) up to and including 4 kW 0.7792
(ii) above 4 kW and up to and including 24 kW 0.7601
(iii) above 24 kW and up to and including 72 kW 0.6139
(iv) above 72 kW and up to and including 1 MW 0.5931
(v) above 1 MW and up to and including 10 MW 0.4652
(vi) above 10 MW and up to and including 30 MW 0.4162
(b) Bonus FiT rates having the following criteria (one or more):  
(i) use as installation in buildings or building structures 0.1550
(ii) use as building materials 0.0828
(iii) use of locally manufactured or assembled solar PV modules 0.05
(iv) use of locally manufactured or assembled solar inverters 0.05

With the shape that our economy is in at the moment, one might ask how this information will be useful and what one can actually do to beef up one’s financial security. The answer is simple – Solar Energy Investment.

What SEDA Malaysia & TNB are actually saying to everyone with this 2016 proposal is, “We want your solar electricity and we are willing to pay money for it!”

All you have to do is to head on over to the following links for more in-depth information such as examples of FiT Rate calculation, Eligibility & Rules for the Individual/Commercial category and once you’re ready to boost your savings and beef up your financial security via this RE source, do Contact Us right away as you only have till the end of the year to apply for your respective solar PV system and we will be more than happy to provide you with a FREE Consultation.

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