Solar all the way, anybody?

Solar all the way, anybody?

Sunday, 01 November 2015: For those living in the Klang Valley, you might have noticed an unusual congestion in traffic throughout today especially in the Petaling Jaya area and the most plausible answer for this madness that has befallen innocent road users would be food. Yes, you read right – FOOD. Dataran Petaling Jaya today was loaded with loads of food vendors and hungry foodies for the annual FoodGasm Fest which just concluded about an hour ago i.e. 9PM at the time of this writing. However, with the dataran being a stone’s throw away from an LRT station, it was undeniable that my dad and I were ranting about how all these people clogging up the roads were not using the most efficient method possible to travel and instead were causing a massive crawl in and around the area. Above all, parking would also be an insane issue at the venue.

Instead, we concluded that parking at at any LRT station and taking the train to the said venue would’ve been a more viable option as it definitly leaves a tinier carbon footprint and of course eases up traffic as well. But how does this scenario fit in with today’s article? Simple – although Malaysia is moving forward with our public transportation plans, it is still far from going green with its implementation and this is also an issue. According to a detailed 2009 analysis conducted by Chester & Horvath and a commentary made by Tam Hunt of Greentech Media, “Electric trains are 50 percent to 75 percent less polluting than single-passenger cars and trucks and use comparably less energy per passenger-mile.”


Just imagine the entire LRT line as seen above, fitted with Renewable Energy Sources harvesters, in this case, solar panels. Probably something similar to what Solar Century did with London’s Blackfriar’s railway station as can be seen below.

This is all definitely not impossible but the realization and planning of such sustainability projects is not something that Malaysia is going after at this moment and it beckons the question, “If not now, when?” I really do hope that some green infrastructural change can be implementated in the not so near future as global carbon emissions is still a major issue. Well, if driving is an outright necessity at any given point in time, at least we should have something like this in our lives.

Have a great week ahead!

Source(s): Greentech Media

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