Community Solar Gardens & You

Community Solar Gardens & You

Friday, 06 November 2015: 

Quick questions here:
1. How many of you would really love to install a solar PV system in efforts to do your bit in going green and saving the planet?
2. How many of you have at least RM30k already at your disposal to invest in a solar PV system which comes with a lucrative monthly payback?

Many of us would’ve probably answered a “Yes” to the first question but would’ve hesitated on the second because, let’s face it – not everyone has that kind of disposable income. However, what happens if we do not have that sort of money BUT still want to do our part to save our planet and go green? Well, a Community Solar Garden (CSG) might just be the answer!

A couple of days ago, there was one particular commentary on Salisbury Post written by a Mr. Francis Koster which caught my attention. He was addressing this emerging CSG trend happening in the U.S. and its many benefits but before all that, let’s get its definition out of the way. A CSG is simply “a solar electric generation station that is created by a lot of community members, each of whom owns a share, the size of which varies depending on the size of their investment,” quipped Mr. Francis.

To put things in perspective, just imagine a community pooling money together to install a solar PV system on a designated roof and acquiring the FiT rate for that installation. Instead of only that house getting the monthly income from the utility company via the FiT scheme, the cash payback will be split between the people who contributed to the installation of the said solar PV system according to the percentage they have chipped in. This is definitely a really smart move and it does not only promote green living but also unity in the residential community. According to Mr. Francis, there are already 29 major firms installing large solar PV systems across 24 states in the U.S. whilst utilizing this CSG model.

We, here at SimpliSolar just hope that this model would also be considered by SEDA in the very near future. In the meantime, if you already have at least RM30k of disposable income, why not drop us a line and find out more on how you can maximize your investment? Waste no more time and just dial +603-5036 6198 for a FREE site assessment today!


Source(s): Salisbury Post

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