Energy Saving Solutions

Malaysia is very fortunate that the Government has been very supportive to the industries. Malaysian industries enjoy one of the least expensive electricity price globally.

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A leading choice for energy saving solutions. SimpliSave is helping businesses to save energy cost by providing Benefits of SimpliSave innovative solutions. When you use SimpliSave, these are the benefits:

Benefits of Simplisave

What is SimpliSave?

  • SimpliSave is a energy optimizer that reduces energy wastage due to inefficiency of electrical equipments and over power supply from utility companies
  • It is installed in series with the main electricity power supply to systematically optimize the supply output in line with what is required through the Load Monitoring & Control System via Artificial Intelligence System
  • It could save energy wastage from 10% up to 30% depending on the conditions of the equipments
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Sound too good to be true? Call us now and we could show you live demonstrations or even offer to conduct a live test on  electrical equipments at your premise.