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Cut energy cost by tapping the unlimited energy source from the sun

Pay less today by installing a solar system on your roof top. Many home owners with high electricity consumption during the day come to SimpliSolar  for a simple reason to cut their energy cost. Join the global green movement in making the environment clean, safe & sustainable for our future generations.

A typical solar system can save around RM200 per month for 21 years! And the savings is more when the electricity cost increase of the years.

It’s EASY with SimpliSolar

We are a one-stop total solar solutions provider. We handle everything from engineering, permits, installation through to maintenance. If you say “yes” to all statements below, then, solar power is right for you.

  • Electricity bill is escalating.
  • I should cut down electricity bills and use the savings for something better.
  • I don’t mind to pay for RM25,000 to buy a solar power solution where it would save me about RM200 in monthly electricity bill and if my current electricity bill is lower than that it’s an extra money in my pocket!

In order to assist you, please contact us at 03-5103 2287 or email us at s[email protected] and we will provide a free consultation. Alternatively, you could provide us with more details by filling up the form below. As you help us in saving our time by filling up the form, you are entitled to receive a surprise gift when you buy from us.

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