How solar works

What is a solar photovoltaic (PV) system?

Solar PV system converts sunlight into electricity. It consists of the following basic components:

  • Solar Panels
    The module is usually made in panel. The conversion of sunlight into electricity happens here. The electricity generated is DC (direct-current), i.e. the type of electricity that you get out of a normal battery.
  • Inverter
    It is an electrical device that converts DC into the more useful power supply of AC (alternate current), i.e. the type of electricity that TNB supplies to your home.
  • Combiner Box
    It contains protective devices for the system.
  • Export Meter
    It is also called revenue meter. It is similar to the existing TNB meter you have. It is used to measure the amount of electricity generated from the solar PV system. The unit is kWh.