Financing for Solar Home

0% Interest Payment Plan

Monthly Installment Plan with Zero Interest

We make it easy for you to buy a Solar Energy solution at your home.

We understand most of us will though of high pricing for installing a Solar Energy System at your residential property.

Our Solar Installment Plans are available for Maybank and UOB credit cardholders. The installment period is up to 24 months, which customers can choose.

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Why Choose 0% Interest Installment Plan with SimpliSolar?

0% Interest

Definitely no hidden interests on our installment program.
Rest assured all your monthly payment has no interest.


Break the payment into instalments instead of paying one lump sum.
You have the options to choose the months of the period.

Pay Smarter

Instead of paying it at the total amount, you choose Installment and distribute the available fund/cash to other personal investments.

Own a Solar PV System at the Soonest

No more saving up the money for a time to own a Solar Energy System.
No more wait-and-see or further consideration due need to spend a chunk of your saving.