Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

A leading choice for solar farm solutions

SimpliSolar provides 1-stop solution for solar farm projects. Working alongside Solar Power Plant Developers, we provide planning guidance, technical design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance services.

Partner with an experienced, full service provider

SimpliSolar has the experience in solar PV system implementation for solar farm. See pictures of solar PV system already installed and commissioned.

It’s EASY with SimpliSolar

SimpliSolar makes the steps to own a solar power system easy for you. We take care of every step-including engineering, permits, installation, and maintenance.

If you say “yes” to all statements below, then, solar power is right for you.

I want to make use of the vacant land to generate income
I want to make more than RM10,000 per month per acre
I don’t mind to pay for RM32,000,000 to buy a solar power solution where it would generate about RM300,000 per month in PPA revenue!

In order to assist you, please contact us at 03-5103 2287 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you could provide us with more details by filling up the form below. As you help us in saving our time by filling up the form, you are entitled to receive a surprise gift when you buy from us.