KACO new energy Inverters

One of The Best Solar Inverters in Europe

The Most Quality Inverters from Europe

KACO new energy, a successful solar company with dedication and a passion for research, stands for high-quality engineering skills in independent and decentralised energy supply.

Their inverters are well designed for the use of renewable energies and efficient energy management for many in the world.

KACO implements hard work, quality, and commitment to projects and continuously develops top-notch “made in Germany” products.

Advanced German Technology

Research, development, and manufacturing occur at KACO German offices in Neckarsulm and Kassel. With more than 300 employees, KACO new energy is one of the most dominant producers of inverters for photovoltaic (PV) plants and energy storage systems.

Since the begging, KACO has shipped more than 880,000 inverters worldwide.

KACO is committed to digitalisation in the power supply industry, integrating solar PV into various sectors and are thus actively shaping the energy world of tomorrow in different countries. Since the end of April 2019, KACO new energy has been a subsidiary of Siemens AG.

Within Siemens AG, KACO new energy is the specialist for power electronics for decentralised energy supply. As part of the Operating Company Smart Infrastructure, we benefit from the exchange on building technology, electromobility and energy storage and others.

Why We Choose KACO New Energy Inverters ?

The Leading Inverter Company

One of the most dominant producers of inverters in Europe and other parts of the world.

Top-Notch Inverters

They produce top-notch inverters with the highest investment and effort in research and engineering.

Longer Lifespan

They developed high-quality inverters that can last for many years under different weather.

Affordable to Many

Producing premium inverters is not their primary intention, as they want more and more people to go for solar energy.

Why We Choose KACO New Energy Inverters ?

Highly recommended

One of the most recognized inverters in the worldwide market. Many recommended their inverters with positive feedback.

Outstanding Technology

Growatt inverters use the most reliable technology with years of  innovation research and massive investment.

Long Durability

Growatt inverters were known to be significantly less or no technical issues and very durable for their years of usage.

Affordable to Many

Lastly, Growatt inverters are not costly when it comes to pricing. Their organization will develop inverters that are affordable to many.

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